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Regulations of the Association


General provisions for the exercise of amateur sport fishing in the concession "Acqua Brenta River Basin" for the year 2021



For the purpose of fishing in the waters of the concession, the following documents are required: 1. valid fishing license, according to the provisions in force in the Regions of residence of the fisherman;

2. fishing permit (annual or daily) issued by the Concessionaire in paper or digital format, duly completed in its entirety.

The documents in both paper and digital format are strictly personal and not transferable to third parties (except as provided for by article 2 of this regulation for minors 10 years).



In order to obtain the status of Member, applicants must submit an application form on the appropriate form prepared by the Association and provide for the payment of the annual membership fee established by the Board of Directors within the possible term communicated. Young people up to 10 years of age, may carry out fishing accompanied by a Member on whose block will be noted cumulatively catches of both. Applications for membership of children under 18 must be signed by those who exercise parental authority. The withdrawal of a Member during the fishing season (whatever the reason) does not give the right to a refund of the fee. For the 2019 season the membership fees are set:


a)   € 120.00 for the annual permit of 50 exits;

b)  € 80.00 for the annual permit of 20 exits;

c)   € 30.00 for the annual permit of 20 issues for children under 14;


the annual installments must be added, if necessary, 5.00 for the subscription of an insurance policy for towards third parties, accidents, death, permanent disability, daily allowance, hospital admission

-   see basic conditions on the website or at our offices;


Once the above procedure has been completed, the fishing block can be picked up in paper format, according to the announced calendar, at the association's headquarters or sent, upon request, to its domicile, with an advance payment of 13.00 to be added to the payment above, to cover expenses. The permission in digital format can be downloaded from January 1 through the application for iOS and Android HOOKING (

Each Member, having exhausted the first block, will be able to use either daily permits or a new block of 20 permits at the price of € 65.00 (ONE AMOUNT VALID FOR ALL -MINOR INCLUDED). The permits will be usable according to the rules of the first permit.



From 17 April 2021 daily permits are available for 20.00 - which can be purchased in the following ways:

a)   at the authorized sites, whose list is available on the Association's website:;

b)  on-line by direct printing, following the specific procedure described on the site;

c)   in digital format with the app for iOS and Android HOOKING (

The holder of the daily permit will be able to fish for a day of his choice and with a maximum limit of 5 (five) samples retained of salmonids (brown trout or iris); the permit must be returned, duly completed, to the Amateur Sports Association "Bacino Acque Fiume Brenta" in Via A. Volta n ° 5

-   36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) - also on-line at the address " ". N.B. It is not possible to use more than one permit per day.



The "River Brenta Water Basin" concession includes all public waters flowing in the territories of the municipalities of Enego, Cismon del Grappa, Valstagna, San Nazario, Campolongo sul Brenta, Solagna, Pove del Grappa, Romano d'Ezzelino, Mussolente, Bassano del Grappa , Marostica, Cassola, Nove, Rosà, Rossano Veneto, Schiavon, Cartigliano, Pozzoleone and Tezze sul Brenta. Although flowing in the above-mentioned municipalities, the following waters are not in concession:

  Fiume Brenta: the section between the power line pylon upstream of the "della Friola" bridge up to the height of the old sports field in the municipality of Cartigliano;

  Rogge Balbi, Moranda and Contessa for their entire journey;

  Rogge Trona and Michela, from the provincial road of the Friola valley to the border with the province of Padua;

  Rezzonico canal in the municipality of Pozzoleone;

Longhella Torrent from its source to the bridge on the Nove-Bassano del Grappa road.



It is forbidden to carry out fishing with any tool in the river sections or channels indicated below. Brenta River:

  from the cross of Pianello to the valley until the beginning of the "Trofeo" area;

  From the dam Mignano, Campolongo-Solagna, downstream to the cross of the term of the ballast on the left orographic Fiume Brenta

  Torrent Oliero, from the source to the confluence with the Brenta River;

  Torrent Rea, from the source to the bridle located downstream of the fish farm.


Irrigation ditch:


  "Burgo" canal from the outlet on the Oliero torrent up to the sluice, along the S.P. Campesana;

  Margnan: for the entire course;

  Dolfina: from the highway to Ponte Paoletti;

  Vica: from the Livelloni to the Pegoraro bridge;

  Civrana: up to the state road 47;

  Cappella: from Mill Bigolin of Rossano Veneto to the homonymous spinning mill located in Via Salute;

  Molina Vica: for the whole of its journey;

  Bernarda: from the socket to the Stella control unit and from the Rossetto mill to the Cartigliano pastry shop;

  Isacchina Superiore: from the socket up to the first Borsato control unit and from the Cantele mill up to the Villanova siphon;

  Isacchina Inferiore: for the entire route;

  Grimana Vecchia: from the socket until the crossing of the S.Romana - Schiavon road;

  Grimana Nuova: from the socket to the Ramon mill;

  Rosà: from the highway to the Grandessi;

  Munara: up to the height of the Cà Dolfin villa;

  Michela: from the socket up to the state road Friola - Tezze.

  Vitella Canal: from Longa di Schiavon to the confluence with the Roggia Contessa;

  Contessa: from the socket to the bridge of via L. Nodari

  Moranda, from the outlet in the Balbi canal in the municipality of Rosà, downstream in the municipality of Rossano Veneto.


Variations and / or limitations due to unforeseen needs linked to the purposes of the Concession can be carried out in the course of the exercise after appropriate tabulation and communication.




It includes, in addition to all the artificial ditches and canals, both tributaries that flow, the Volon di Mussolente canal and the following stretches of the Brenta river:

1) from the discharge of the SIED power plant (upstream of the Ecocentro) to the barrier in the Mignano locality, in the municipality of Campolongo sul Brenta;


b)   RIVER BRENTA (Brenta normale) Includes the following traits:

1. all river sections not otherwise regulated;



It includes the following stretches of the Brenta river:

1. from the bandit downstream of the Pianello dam, in the municipalities of Cismon del Grappa and Enego, at the confluence with the Cismon torrent;

2. Torrente Cismon, from the confluence with the Brenta River, to go up until the first barrier to the north.

3. From the Costa - San Marino bridge (Municipality of Valstagna - Cismon del Grappa) go up to the "Della Lupa" tunnel;

4.    from the electric substation to the intersection of the Ponte Subiolo and Fontoli streets in the municipality of Valstagna (right bank), at the north exit of the railway tunnel called "Sambugo" in the municipality of San Nazario (left bank), downstream for about 700 meters, up to the lower limit of the Campo Sportivo di Valstagna (right bank) in correspondence of the new area equipped for Camper (left bank).

5. from the confluence with the rio "Valison", beginning fraction of Sarson in the commune of Bassano del Grappa, right Brenta, to the church "dei Rubbi", in the commune of Bassano del Grappa, left Brenta;

6 from the cross called "Arcon" downstream to the Ponte della Vittoria, in the municipality of Bassano del Grappa.


7. from the lower limit of the Valstagna Sports Camp (right bank) in correspondence of the new area equipped for Camper (left bank) downstream for about 800 meters to the Rialto bridge, between the towns of Valstagna and San Nazario.


It includes the following stretches of Fiume Brenta:

1. from the church "dei Rubbi" in the municipality of Bassano del Grappa, up to the cross called "Arcon", in the municipality of Bassano del Grappa;


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