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The waters of the Concessone

The water catchment area of Brenta River is located in the north-eastern part of the Province of Vicenza. The catchment area of the river Brenta is quite extensive and falls, as well as in the Vicenza area, also in the provinces of Trento, Belluno, Padua and Venice.

Including the following hydrographic units:

River Brenta

Sub-basin of the Silan-Longhella

Irrigation rog




The sources of the irrigation samples are the waters of Brenta and those coming from the springs; these are sites where groundwater surface, real natural springs, which form rivers and environments of exceptional value. The irrigated area covers about 30,000 hectares. Already 6,000 of these have been converted from traditional sliding systems to more modern rain systems, in order to save water in times when it is increasingly valuable.

Brenta River was born as an emissary of Lake Caldonazzo in Trentino and reached the provincial territory in Primolano, north of Bassano.

A few kilometers further downstream it receives the waters of the Cismon torrent, with a catchment basin of 640 square kilometers, now regulated by the Arsiè barrage.

From Cismon to Bassano the river flows in the Valsugana receiving the contributions of the river Oliero and the torrent S. Nazario, whose waters derive from the karst phenomena of the Asiago plateau and Mount Grappa.

Downstream of Bassano, the river flows into the high alluvial plain where, due to the dispersions in the riverbed and the considerable withdrawals for irrigation, the flow rate is discontinuous and decidedly reduced.

On all Brenta River there are bridles and barriers that can not be overcome by the fisheye.

The quality of the waters of the Brenta river upstream of Bassano varies between the first and second class of quality in relation to the periods of soft (more dilution of polluting loads) respectively and lean with a judgment of environment not polluted or poorly polluted.

The crossing of the city of Bassano represents a fair impact for the river at least up to the level of the resurgence belt, a stretch where the flow of the river increases thanks to the contributions deriving from the strata.

Silan-Longhella Sub-basin

The Silan creek and the Longhella creek are small streams that rise from the slopes of the plateau of the seven municipalities.

The Silan is born from the hills upstream of the town of Marsan and flows into Longhella in the municipality of Nove.

The latter comes from the Valle S. Floriano and after passing through Marostica, flows into the Brenta river near Nove.

The quality of the waters of the sub-basin is noticeable even if there are evident alteration phenomena due to discharges of organic origin.

The flow is very variable.

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